Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye to 2010... Did I Ever Tell You I Loathe You?

Within the past two weeks I have lost my apartment, my identity as a "south Nashvillian," a pair of shoes, the laundry room key, two pounds and a decade. For someone who needs a GPS tracker on her keys (which have been found in the freezer several times), it's not that bad of a collection.

A new apartment, a new area of the city, and a new decade gives me a fresh start after a year that provided me with more "downs" than "ups." Now, in fear of being a Debbie Downer, I would like to point out the positives that I was blessed with in 2010: meeting my best friend (even though that kid frustrates me more than my curse of being vertically challenged), becoming an Aunt, making a decision on what I wanted to be when I grew up (although that changes weekly), learning that Nashville is my home, learning to give of myself for others (and actually liking it), spending time with Rosie's, starting graduate school (and surviving!), and finding strength within myself that I didn't know I actually had. Now, I gained some new talents and traditions as well: never leave home without a life vest, it's best not to trust anyone, metro police should be your speed dial #1, roses are the worst gift ever, and there is nothing wrong with answering the door with a shotgun (girl scouts be damned... If I wanted your thin mints I would have asked for your thin mints! Don't tempt me with your little boxes of heaven).

So 2010 brought about a lot of things in my life that wound up changing me forever. And I am hoping 2011 decides that I have learned enough lessons for a while and let's me live in peace. Nevertheless, I know that won't be the case and I am ready to take her on... kick ass... and take names. This year will challenge me to further my education, to get in the best shape of my life, to maybe fall in love (eh, highly doubt that one), continue to figure out who the heck I am (eh, that one too), and continue to be a single 20-something trying to make it in her beloved, bittersweet city.

2011: I am ready to face you head on. As long as there is very little rain, a lot of good friends, and an endless supply of Jack, I foresee us having a beautiful relationship. But then again, if you fail, there is always 2012.

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